Configure your Greenhouse settings

Greenhouse syncing settings are controlled by the Workspace admin for each Workspace

For Workspace Admins

As a Workspace Admin, here’s how to specify your Greenhouse settings for each role:

  1. Go to the Members and Billing page in the Mixmax web app. 
  2. If you're an Admin for the Workspace, you will see some tabs on this page. Click the Roles tab
  3. Select the role you'd like to configure in the left panel
  4. Click Greenhouse, as in the screenshot below and configure as you'd like:

Changes you make on this page will automatically save for any Workspace member who is assigned this role. Any admin in the Workspace can edit the Greenhouse sync settings that each role will maintain.

By default, the settings you select for each role cannot be adjusted by the individuals within the role. If you'd like users in the role to set and adjust their own settings, select the checkbox at the top of this view that says 'Individuals in this role can manage their own Greenhouse settings'.

For Workspace members

As a member of a Workspace, your Greenhouse settings will be determined by your Workspace Admin. You can view the settings in your  CRM and Live Feed settings

For users not part of an Workspace

If you are have an individual subscription and are not yet part of a Workspace, you will be able to set your own settings under the  CRM and Group Live Feed settings in your Mixmax dashboard. 

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