Can I use Mixmax with multiple email addresses?

Mixmax accounts are on a per-email-address basis.  This means the Google account you use to login to Gmail is tied to your Mixmax account and its paid subscription (if you’ve purchased one).  We don’t offer a way to purchase one subscription for multiple email addresses.    

We understand, though, that owning multiple email addresses is common - whether you have work and personal addresses, or you’re an entrepreneur with multiple business emails.  You can use them all with Mixmax!

Here are two ways to do that:

1. Use extra email addresses as aliases under your main account

This is the method that doesn’t require purchasing multiple Mixmax subscriptions.  While logged into your main Google account, you can send email using other email addresses as a “send-as” alias.   

Learn how to set up aliases here: Add email addresses and aliases

2. Purchase additional personal subscriptions

If you’d prefer not to use send-as aliases under a main account, but still want to use Mixmax with all of your emails, you’ll need to purchase additional subscriptions.   

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