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Working out of multiple Mixmax accounts
Working out of multiple Mixmax accounts

This article describes how you can use Google Chrome profiles to work out of multiple Mixmax accounts.

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If you have multiple Gmail/Mixmax accounts and constantly switch between them, we advise setting up a separate Google Chrome profile for each account to avoid confusion and potential issues. Here is how to work out of multiple Mixmax accounts:

Setting up multiple Chrome profiles

When you open different Mixmax accounts in separate Chrome profiles, it helps to avoid potential issues, including the following:

  • A logout loop caused by logging in and out of different Gmail/Mixmax accounts from the same Chrome profile.

  • Authentication and logout issues when you use multiple accounts from the same Chrome profile for delegated sending.

So, the best practice is to create a separate Google Chrome profile for each Mixmax account. Check out this Google support article to learn how to set up a Google Chrome profile.

Example: "Tony Stark" wants to manage Mixmax and Gmail accounts for some of the "Avengers."

Let's say, "Tony Stark" needs to set up a Mixmax account for "Captain America" and "Thor" so he can use delegated sending to send emails from his Mixmax account but using their email addresses.

This is how he should set this up:

  1. Create his own Chrome profile and sign in to Mixmax and Gmail there.

  2. Next, create a new Chrome profile for "Captain America" and sign in to Mixmax and Gmail on this new Chrome profile. He should also get delegation permission from "Captain America."

  3. Repeat the steps above for "Thor."

Multiple Chrome profiles

Switching between Mixmax accounts

Still, you can also switch between different Mixmax accounts in the Mixmax web app.

Simply click your avatar photo in the upper right corner, and then select one of the multiple Mixmax accounts you're currently logged into:

Account avatar

To write a new message, click the Compose button in the top left corner of the Mixmax dashboard:

Compose button

Clicking the Compose button launches the Gmail compose window in a separate popup:

Gmail compose window

If you want to use multiple email aliases for a single Gmail account β€” rather than switching between accounts β€” here's how to add email addresses and aliases to Mixmax.

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