How to move Canned Responses over to Mixmax

Many of our users are accustomed to using Gmail's canned responses as a basic way to set up templates prior to using Mixmax. We recommend using Mixmax templates in place of Canned Responses.  

Advantages Of Mixmax Templates Over Canned Responses

Mixmax Templates offer a few advantages for you:

  1. They can be shared with other people.  Learn how here: Share a template.  
  2. You can add smart variables that automatically fill in information based on your recipient.  More on that here: Template Variables.  
  3. You get template performance analytics.  See the number of times you've sent each template, plus the open, click-through, download, and reply rates.

How To Turn your Canned Responses into Templates

This will be a fairly manual job to set up. Once it's done, we're sure you'll enjoy Mixmax templates even more. Follow these steps to transfer your Canned Responses over.

  1. Open a new compose window
  2. Insert a Canned Response from the hamburger (three dot) menu in the bottom right corner
  3. Once the response is in the message body, hover over the Templates icon in the top bar
  4. When the menu pops out, click the button that says 'Save this message as a Template'. 

Clicking this button will take you to the Mixmax dashboard with your template created for you to double-check. You will be required to give your template a unique name and select the folder you want to save it to. Once it looks good you can save it by clicking the Save button at the bottom right corner. 

Accessing your saved templates  

You can visit your templates page within your Mixmax Dashboard here.  You can find an edit any previously created templates there.

Whenever you want to use a template, simply type the keyboard shortcut ; (a semicolon) and start typing your template title.  A dropdown menu will appear where you can select your template.  

Or, click “ Templates” in the top bar of the compose window to find and select your template.        

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