How to move Canned Responses over to Mixmax

Many of our users are shocked to find that they can no longer access Canned Responses from the compose window.  Have no fear! You can find them again, and we’ve got an even better solution. We recommend using Mixmax templates in place of Canned Responses.  

Advantages Of Mixmax Templates Over Canned Responses

Mixmax Templates offer a few advantages for you:

  1. They can be shared with other people.  Learn how here: Share a template.  
  2. You can add smart variables that automatically fill in information based on your recipient.  More on that here: Template Variables.  
  3. You get template performance analytics.  See the number of times you've sent each template, plus the open, click-through, download, and reply rates.

How To Access Canned Responses

You can access your old Canned Responses using the old Gmail compose window.  

For a new message, click Old Compose at the top of the compose window.

Or if you're replying to an existing message, click More at the top of the inline reply window, and select Reply from the dropdown:

Create And Use Templates, Instead

Paste your old Canned Responses content into a spanking new template.  

Visit your Templates page within your Mixmax Dashboard here.  Click “New Template” in the top left corner.  Paste in the content, and add a template title.

Whenever you want to use a template, simply type the keyboard shortcut ; (a semicolon) and start typing your template title.  A dropdown menu will appear where you can select your template.  

Or, click “Insert” in the top right corner of the compose window to find and select your template.