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Mixmax Add-in for Outlook
How to use the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook
How to use the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook

This article will help you learn how to use the Mixmax Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and its various sales engagement boosting features.

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The new Mixmax Add-in brings Mixmax's sales engagement features directly to Outlook, making it easier for Outlook-based teams to be more productive.

Once you have the Mixmax Add-in installed, you can start leveraging the power of Mixmax right from your inbox. It's easy to track opens and clicks, insert email templates, and share your availability directly from your Outlook compose window.

Getting started

If this is your first time using Mixmax with Outlook, make sure you log in to your Mixmax account via the Mixmax web app before attempting to use the add-in.

Open the Mixmax side panel in your Outlook by clicking Apps > Mixmax in the top menu when composing a new email.

Mixmax under Apps

If you don't see the Apps icon right away, click the three dots button on the far right to expand the list of add-ins:

Expanding the Add-ins menu

If this is the first time you open the Mixmax Add-in, you will be asked to allow Mixmax permission to work with your email.

Click here to continue

Accept permissions

Pin the Mixmax panel to ensure quick access in the future.

Pinning the panel

Sending emails with Mixmax

Make sure to open the Mixmax side panel before sending your email. Click the Send with Mixmax button and wait for the confirmation that your message has been sent.

Sending with Mixmax

Do NOT use Outlook's native Send button. Instead, use the Send with Mixmax button in the side panel to ensure correct tracking and data syncing.

The correct Send button

Accessing the contact profile

When drafting an email with the Mixmax Add-in opened, you can navigate to the Contact profile tab to view contact information about the recipient you are emailing. You can use this information to gain context and personalize your communication!

You can also access the contact profile when viewing a received email. Simply open up the Mixmax add-in. We recommend keeping the add-in pinned for quick access to contact details which includes email activity history, event history, as well as. Salesforce and LinkedIn profile details.

Tracking opens and clicks

Enable Opens and/or Clicks tracking for individual emails by checking the corresponding boxes in the Tracking section of the Mixmax side panel.

Downloads tracking is coming soon! Keep in mind that clicks and downloads tracking is only available on the Small Business plan and above.

Opens and clicks tracking

You will be able to view the tracking activity in the Live Feed. To open your Live Feed, you can also click the Mixmax icon in the bottom left corner of the side panel to open the Mixmax web app, then click Live Feed in the menu on the left.

Mixmax icon in the side panel

Check the Tracking overview for more details.

Adding your meeting availability

Click Share availability to insert available time slots directly into your email. The recipient can then choose a convenient time and confirm the meeting with a single click.

Share availability

Once you click Share availability, the window with availability settings will open.

To learn more about the availability setup, see Share Availability.

Inserting availability

Please note that if you want to make changes to the availability inserted in the email you are drafting, you will need to delete the entire component from the email body and re-insert your availability.

Inserting email templates

Save time and improve productivity by inserting pre-created Mixmax templates directly into your Outlook drafts.

Click Insert email template to browse your templates. Select the desired template, and it will be added to your email body.

Inserting templates

If you haven't created any templates yet, click Manage templates to open the Templates page in the Mixmax web app and start adding new templates:

Manage templates

To insert templates in Outlook emails, you need to configure them in the Mixmax web app first. To learn more, see Creating Email Templates.

Remember to fill in any variables within the template with the correct values before sending to avoid sending placeholder text to the recipient.

If you haven't filled in all the variables before sending, you will be prompted to do that once you click Send with Mixmax:

Placeholder variables

Syncing emails to Mixmax

If you are on the Small Business plan and above, you can sync emails to Mixmax. When you send an email, you can choose whether or not to sync it to your Live Feed—a stream of detailed recipient activity in your Mixmax web app.

To sync the email to Mixmax, simply check the box next to Sync to Mixmax in the side panel. For more details on email syncing, check out how to sync emails with your Group.

Syncing to Mixmax

The Sync to Mixmax box will be pre-checked on your Mixmax side panel if you have enabled syncing emails to Mixmax by default in your settings.

Logging to Salesforce

If you are on the Growth + CRM plan and above, you can also log emails to Salesforce to keep the data relevant in your CRM. To log the email to Salesforce, check the box next to Log to Salesforce on the side panel.

To enable logging emails to Salesforce, please connect your Salesforce account to Mixmax first. If your Salesforce account is not connected, you won't be able to check the box next to Log to Salesforce.

Logging to Salesforce

The Log to Salesforce box will be pre-checked on your Mixmax side panel if you or your Workspace admin have enabled Logging activities to Salesforce automatically in the settings.

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