How do I close my Mixmax account?

If you want to close your Mixmax account, follow these steps:

Cancel your Mixmax subscription

If you're on a paid plan, go to your Account & Billing page and click on the trash icon in the row with your name:

If you manage seats for other people in your organization, you can cancel all accounts by clicking on "Cancel all accounts." Learn more about what happens when you cancel your subscription. 

If you're on the free plan, you can skip this step.

Revoke Mixmax's access to your Gmail account. 

Go to the URL Under Third-party apps with account access, find Mixmax and click it. Then click Remove access.

Delete the Mixmax extension.

Go to the URL chrome://extensions, and find the Mixmax extension. Click Remove.

If you're in the EU, you can request that Mixmax delete your personal information. Send an email — from the account you wish to delete — to, and request that Mixmax delete your personal information.

Thank you for using Mixmax — we're sorry to see you go!

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