Disable tracking for recipients in the EEA

The European Economic Area (EEA) privacy law, the GDPR, states that you should refrain from tracking the activity of people in the EEA, unless you have their permission. Mixmax makes it easy to comply with this law. Mixmax will detect if you’re safe to track a recipient’s activity, and will disable tracking as needed, without you having to think about it. 

In your Persona Settings > Tracking, you can select the option "Disable tracking for UK and EEA recipients"

Workspace admins can set this up for their Workspace, so that everyone complies. Settings can be controlled by role. 

Go to the Roles section of your Account & Billing page. Select a role on the left. Click Tracking, and check the box next to 

If the setting “Disable tracking for recipients in the UK and EEA recipients for this role” is enabled, the users assigned the Role will not see opens or clicks from people in the EEA.

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