Create a call to action button that links to your online calendar

Here's how to create a call to action button that links to your online calendar.

  1. Create a Meeting Template, and click Copy URL
  2. Create a new Template. Give the template a name. Here, we called the template "kick-off button".
  3. Add a call to action button to the template using the keyboard shortcut /cta
  4. Paste the URL under Button URL.
  5. Edit the Button text. We suggest "Book a time".
  6. You can customize the color of the button. If you have custom branding, Mixmax will automatically select a color that's on-brand. 
  7. Click Insert Button to add the button to your template.
  8. Click Done in the top right corner of the template to save your button.
  9. Now you can insert your button into any email. With your cursor in an email compose window, type the ; semicolon keyboard shortcut, followed by the name of the template. 
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