Meeting Templates overview

Create custom meeting templates with Mixmax, including custom fields and availability to schedule and organize meetings efficiently.

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Meeting Templates are available on all Mixmax plans, including the Free plan, but some options, like Automated Meeting Reminders, are available only on the Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

You can use custom meeting templates to quickly schedule everything from coffee meetings to product demos. Each unique meeting template allows you to specify the duration, availability, title, and location of the meeting.

Creating a custom Meeting Template

To create a custom meeting template, go to your Meeting Templates page and click the New Template button. This will open up a blank meeting template. Give it a unique name by editing the placeholder in the top bar.

Creating a meeting template

Default event details

These event details will be displayed in the meeting confirmation window and in the Mixmax invitation emails that go to you and your recipient. They’ll also be inserted into your Google Calendar event.

They include the meeting title, location, calendar to schedule on, and meeting description.

Custom fields

Ask guests to provide certain information by creating custom fields. It’s a great way to ask for phone numbers, preferred locations, website links, etc. The field responses will be added to the calendar event description.

Guests will be prompted to fill out these fields when they follow your meeting template calendar link (see below). Fields are not shown when inserting availability directly into an email.

Adding fields

Click the Add a field button, add the field label (the prompt your guests will see), and choose if the field is required. Click the ( + ) circle to add more fields or the ( - ) circle to delete fields.

When recipients visit your meeting template booking page ( not when booking through an email), they'll see a calendar of your available times. Once they click one of those time slots, they'll be prompted to fill out their name, email address, and your custom fields! Like "Phone number" and "Role interested in" in the image below:

Filling in the field

Advanced: Fill in Template variables from the URL

If you'd like to pre-fill custom fields, you can append ?<custom variable name>=<value> to the calendar URL. The following examples

will all fill in the custom field named "phone number":

Sample custom field

You can also use a variable as your value. For example, you can use:{{color}}

then use the data you already have in your Mixmax contacts or CSV file to fill in the variable.

This can be used in your Sequences, where you use a Meeting Template that requires a certain field, such as "Mailing Address," which you may already have for some of your contacts. If the information is already associated with a contact, it will be pre-filled for them automatically by using ?mailing_address={{mailing address}} in the calendar URL.

You can add multiple fields by using the & symbol.

Example: You have a "Favorite color" and "Pet" fields. Adding ?favorite_color=blue&pet=cat to the end of the URL will pre-fill in the "Favorite color" and "Pet" fields with "Blue" and "Cat":

Fields filled in

Meeting Template link and page title

Share this link so that guests can book directly on your meeting template calendar. Edit the link to make it easily memorable if you want. Click View to visit your meeting template calendar and Copy URL to share the link.

This calendar is where guests will be prompted to fill out your custom fields (see above) after selecting a time to meet.

If you fill out the Page title section, that's what will show when your recipients go to the URL. If you leave the page title blank, the page will say, "Schedule a Meeting with <<calendar name>>."

You can also copy the meeting template calendar link and the HTML code to embed the meeting calendar on your website when you hover over Share your link in the top right corner of the page.

Meeting template HTML code

Available Times

Set the availability you'd like for the meeting template. The checkbox next to the day indicates whether you'd like it included in your availability. Click the ( + ) circle to add multiple time windows.

Available times

For more details on setting up your meeting template availability, see Meeting Template Availability settings.

Allow guests to modify the invites

You can allow guests to modify the meeting invites and invite others to join the event. To enable this setting, check the box next to Guests can modify meeting invites under Options.

Prevent double booking

Prevent double booking on other calendars you own or that are shared with you. This feature is powerful if you're scheduling an event for multiple people on your team and only want to offer times when everybody is available.

You will need to have at least "Make changes to events" permission on the shared calendar to add it to the prevent double booking section of your meeting template.

To learn more, see sharing calendars.

Default guests

If this is a meeting template you are coordinating amongst a few different people, you can add them as default guests in the 'Default guest' section by typing in their email addresses.

You will need to have at least "Make changes to events" permission on the shared calendar to add it to the default guests section of your meeting template.

Follow these steps to add default guests to a Meeting template:

  1. Head to the Meeting Templates section of your Mixmax dashboard.

  2. Select the Meeting Template from the left menu you'd like to adjust.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom, where you'll see the Default guests section.

  4. Type in the email address(es) for the additional default guest(s).

Default guests

Whenever a meeting is confirmed from this meeting template, the default guest(s) will be added to the event. In your Meeting Templates, additional default guests will automatically be added to Double booking prevention if you have read/write permissions for their calendar. To learn more, see double booking prevention.

Set Reminders

Schedule an automated message to remind guests about an upcoming meeting. Specify how many days before the meeting to send the reminder, compose the message, and make sure to switch the scheduled message toggle on in the top right corner.

Scheduled messages will be sent from the email address tied to your Mixmax account—you cannot send them through an email alias. To learn more, see automated reminders.

Scheduled message

Insert meeting template availability in an email

Gmail users can insert their new meeting template and send out availability to their recipients by opening up a compose window and typing /meeting. You'll immediately see a list of your available custom meetings to select from. Choose the one you'd like, and Mixmax will suggest meeting times that fall within the parameters you've set.

You can also choose Insert Calendar Link in the Meetings dropdown to add a link to your meeting template directly in your email.

Inserting custom meeting template

Currently, Mixmax Email Enhancements in the Inbox are not supported for Outlook-based users. You can insert the public calendar link to a meeting template in your email in the following way:

Hover over Share your link in the top right corner of the page, then click Copy link. You can simply paste the copied link into your email to share your meeting template calendar page.

Sending a calendar link

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