Create a Rule with Round Robin Actions

On the Enterprise plan, you can create a Round Robin action using a Rule with activity triggers from Salesforce. This would allow the Workspace admins to select multiple Workspace members to use to automatically assign certain actions to in a Round Robin fashion when something happens in Salesforce.

Round Robin actions can be created using a Workspace Level Rule. The Workspace Administrator can go to the Account & Billing page's Rules section, then click Create a Rule.

Then select your Trigger and choose your connected CRM from the list. In this example, we’ll choose Salesforce.

In the next window, select which activity to use as a trigger for your rule. Here, we’ll pick Lead is created or updated.

Next, add your Filters by clicking on Add condition in the Filter section.

Next, select an action. Here, we’ll choose a Sequence action to automatically Add the lead to a sequence.

In the next window, add your Workspace members to use to create the Round Robin action by typing in their names in the From field.

Click on Activate & Close when you’re done setting up the configurations for your Rule’s action.

In this rule, anytime a Salesforce Lead is created or updated, matching the filter criteria, the Lead is automatically added to the specified Sequence. For each lead created or updated, the sequence will send from the specified Workspace members in a round-robin fashion, starting with the first member on the list.

You can use Round Robin actions for various types of Rule actions - such as sending an email follow-up or Sequences, CRM record ownership, and creating tasks.

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