You can set reminders to bring an email back to your inbox at a specific date and time if activity on the email is not recorded (such as 'if not read').

If you plan to follow up with a specific email, you can save even more time by utilizing Sequences instead. You can read more in our Sequences Overview

Set a Reminder When Sending An Email

In the top bar (under Subject-line), click or hover over the 'Remind Me' button. Set the time and trigger to activate your reminder:  

You'll also choose the conditions for receiving a reminder: if your recipient doesn't reply, if the email is not opened, or regardless of whether they open or reply.

Set a Reminder from Within an Active Email

Hover your mouse over the Remind Me button in the top action bar:

Set a Reminder From Your Inbox

From your inbox or sent folder, hover over the clock icon:

Set a Reminder From Your Reminder Settings

Located in your Mixmax dashboard here: Reminders & Send Later

Reminder Menu Options

Customize the preset times you see in your Reminder and Send Later menus. Adjust in your Reminders & Send Later settings, or click Customize in the top right corner of the Reminder menu.

Default Reminder Settings

Mark email reminders as 'Important' in Gmail

Archive email when reminder is set

  • Automatically move the email you've set a reminder for out of your inbox and into the 'Mixmax Reminders' folder in Gmail. It will be moved back to your primary inbox when the reminder time arrives.

Automatically set a reminder

  • Turn on/off the setting to automatically set a reminder for every message you write that meets the specified settings.

Where To Find Messages With Reminders

Looking for your messages with reminders? You can see a list of your reminders in your Outbox:

Remove Or Reschedule Reminders

You can find all pending reminders in the Mixmax Reminders folder in Gmail. On the Small Business plan and above you will see a yellow banner across the top of emails with a reminder. You can click the trash icon in the banner to remove the reminder.

Active reminders can also be found in your Mixmax Outbox. Head to your Outbox and check the box next to the reminder. Once checked, you can stop or reschedule the reminder email:

Reminders Video Overview

Here's a quick video overview on how to set reminders:

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