End an active sequence

There might be times when you'll want to end a sequence even if the recipients have not yet replied. We make this easy for you within the Mixmax dashboard. Visit the Sequences section of your dashboard and follow these quick steps to end an active sequence.

  1. Under the name of the sequence you'd like to end, click the three dots (•)
  2. Select Exit all my recipients from the bottom of the list
  3. Confirm you'd like to cancel by hitting Yes in the confirmation window

This will end the sequence for all active recipients - any unsent messages will not be sent and all recipients will be exited from the sequence.   

When a sequence is ended, you can still reuse it and add new recipients in the future if need be. Learn how to do that  add new recipients here.

If you would like to remove a specific person from your sequence, see: Remove a person from a stage of your sequence.

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