PDF Preview

When composing an email with Mixmax, you can show a preview of your PDF, right in your email.

Open your Settings in the Mixmax dashboard - click Mixmax in the left panel in Gmail - and go to the Composing section of your settings. Next to Message Options, click the box next to PDF previews. Note that PDFs that are more than 50 pages long will not be shown as a slideshow. 

The PDF preview always displays to the best of the abilities of your recipient's email client. For example:

  • If you're on an Apple based email client (roughly 70% of opens) you'll be able to flip through each slide in the PDF preview. 
  • If you're in Gmail you'll be able to hover over each slide in Gmail. Note that different Google apps accounts may have different functionality. 
  • If you're in an older email client you'll see the very first page and you can download to see the whole PDF.

You can always send a PDF as a traditional attachment by using the paperclip icon the bottom bar and unchecking the box next to Unlimited size.

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