Update Salesforce's Email Opt-Out status when someone unsubscribes from your Mixmax Sequence

On the Enterprise plan, with Salesforce connected, you can use Mixmax Rules to build an automation to update someone's Email Opt-Out status in Salesforce when they unsubscribe from your Mixmax Sequence. 


  1. Mixmax Salesforce Rules are only available on the Enterprise plan. Please Contact our Sales team to upgrade or request a demo.
  2. Connect directly to Salesforce from your Mixmax Account.

Creating your Rule

  • For individuals, head over to the Rules section on your account, and click on New Rule. 
  • If you're an admin, and you would like to build this workflow for your entire team, head over to the Rules page in the Admin section, and click on New Rule.

Next, give your rule a title.

Each Mixmax Rule has 3 steps: Trigger, Filter, and Action.


For the trigger, select Tracked link.

Then, select Someone clicks my unsubscribe link and click on Continue


No filters needed, click on  Add Action to go to the next step.


For your action, select  Salesforce from the options.

On the next window, select  Update the related Lead and click on Continue.

Next, search and select the Email Opt-Out field you'd like to update, then click on  Add field.

Next, move the toggle to Yes, then click on Activate & Close.

To update a Contact record from the same rule, click on Add action, then follow the same steps as above after clicking on Update the related Contact.

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