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Update the renewal Opportunity status when someone receives all stages of your renewal outreach
Update the renewal Opportunity status when someone receives all stages of your renewal outreach

This is a real-life use case of Mixmax Rules workflow automation that might be especially useful for Customer Success teams.

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Advanced Rules are available on the Mixmax Enterprise plan only. Check out our pricing page for more information.

If Salesforce is connected to your Mixmax account, you can build workflow automation with Mixmax Rules to update the status of a related renewal Opportunity when a recipient who is the primary contact for it receives all stages of your renewal outreach Sequence.


  1. Mixmax Salesforce Rules are only available on the Enterprise plan. Please contact our Sales team to upgrade or request a demo.

Creating your Rule

  • For individuals, go to the Rules section on your account and click +New Rule.

  • If you're a Workspace Admin and would like to configure this workflow for your entire team, go to the Rules tab in the Admin settings section and click New Rule.

Next, enter a title for your rule.

Each Mixmax Rule has 3 steps: Trigger, Filter, and Action.


For the Rule trigger, first, select Sequence.

Selecting Sequence as a trigger

Next, select All sequence stages are sent to a recipient and click Continue.

All sequence stages sent


Next, you can specify the conditions when the Rule should be triggered. For example, you can select one or several specific Sequences to which you want this automation to apply.

First, click Add Condition.

Add condition button

Next to Recipient email, click the dropdown to select Sequence is from the menu.

Creating a filter

Next, select the required sequence from the drop-down list. To look for the sequence you need, simply start typing in the Search sequences field.

Adding a sequence filter

Click Add condition again to add more than one sequence or other filters if required.

If you wish to select multiple conditions, each of which should trigger this automation, change the filter logic to If ANY of the following are true.

Adding multiple conditions

Click Continue when you are done adding filters.


For your action, select Salesforce from the options.

Selecting Salesforce as an action app

In the next window, select Update the related Opportunity and click Continue.

Selecting Salesforce action

Next, select the field you want to update automatically (e.g., Stage) from the drop-down list, then click Add field.

Adding a field to update

If you use the same primary contact for multiple Opportunities, you will also need to check the box next to Do you use the same primary contact for multiple Salesforce Opportunities? above the field menu. If you check that box, please select an extra condition to differentiate between Opportunities from the additional menu that will appear.

Adding a filter for Opportunities with the same primary contact

Next, in the drop-down list under Stage (or another field you selected), select the appropriate option that you wish to use to update the field and click Activate & Close. Your Rule is good to go!

Updating the Opportunity stage

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