How to reinstall the Mixmax Extension

Are you experiencing issues with Mixmax? It may be helpful to uninstall and reinstall the extension!

Please make sure to follow these steps in order since the order that you do this is important.

1. Uninstall Mixmax

Type (without quotation marks) "chrome://extensions" into Chrome's address bar and hit enter. Find Mixmax in your Chrome extension dashboard. Click the Remove button under Mixmax:

2. Clear your cache and local data of Mixmax content

   - Type (without quotation marks) "chrome://settings/content/all" into Chrome's address bar and hit enter

   - Type in " mixmax" into the search bar

   - Click  Remove all shown.

3. Restart Chrome

Before taking this action, save your work in any relevant tab.

Type (without quotation marks) "chrome://restart" into Chrome's address bar and hit enter. This will force Chrome to quit and restart while opening your previous tabs. 

4. Reinstall Mixmax

Reinstall the Mixmax Chrome extension by clicking the  Add to Chrome button in the Chrome store here.

5. Log back into Mixmax

After installing the Mixmax Chrome extension, return to Gmail. Make sure you are logged in by hovering over the Mixmax 'M' logo at the top of Gmail:

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