Connect to Pipedrive

You have two options for connecting Mixmax to Pipedrive: Connect directly to Pipedrive using Pipedrive API, or automatically BCC Pipedrive each time you send an email.


At the Small Business tier and above, you can automatically Bcc your CRM every time you send an email. 

To find the auto-Bcc address for your Pipedrive account, check out this support article from Pipedrive.

Once you know your auto-Bcc address, go to your Mixmax  CRM & Team Live Feed settings. Then scroll down to Auto-Bcc, as per the screenshot below. Add the Pipedrive auto-bcc address:

You can specify email domains and email addresses that you want to exclude from being logged in your CRM:

You can also exclude a particular email from being logged to Pipedrive by clicking the  Sync button on the bottom bar of the compose window:

Pipedrive API

On the  Growth plan and above you can connect directly to the Pipedrive API. 

To connect to Pipedrive API Log in to your account, click your name in the top right corner, and select Settings

In the Settings menu, select the API sub-menu under Personal:

On the API screen, copy your API Token displayed in green:

Open your Mixmax Integration settings and click the  Connect Pipedrive button.  Then, paste your API Token in the field that appears:

Click the Save button and you're all set!

Note: if you are unable to find your API token using the steps above, you may need to contact your Pipedrive admin.