Desktop notifications

You can set desktop notifications for an email, so you'll know when someone opens your email. If you're on the Small Business tier and above, you'll also know when someone clicks a link or downloads a file. 

To turn on desktop notifications for an individual email, hover over the lightning bolt symbol on the bottom bar if your compose window and click the box next to 'Desktop notifications'.

To change the default behavior, head to the Tracking section of your Mixmax settings. Check (or un-check) the box next to 'Real-time desktop notifications for opens, clicks and downloads'. This change will affect all future emails distributed using Mixmax (we do not retroactively apply desktop notifications to previously sent emails).

Similarly, if you turned on desktop notifications when you sent an email, you'll continue to receive a notification each time that email has an open, click, or download, even if you turned off desktop notifications after you sent that email. You can mute a conversation by clicking Mute on the desktop notification:

Not seeing your notifications? 

If you don't see your notifications, make sure you turn off your computer's Do Not Disturb setting. 

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