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Smart notifications

This article describes how to get notified via email or Slack when your recipient opens your email three times.

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Smart email notifications are available for users on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Smart Slack notifications are available on the Growth plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Have you ever wondered if a recipient is interested in your email? If you have, Mixmax smart notifications can help. Smart notifications use the power of Mixmax Rules to notify you when your recipient has opened a message three times. This lets you reach back out to those recipients, knowing they're interested in your message.

You can set up smart notifications to notify you by adding a message to your email thread, sending a message to a designated Slack channel through our Slack integration, or both.

Enabling Smart Notifications

You can enable smart notifications for individual messages while composing in Gmail. To do so, click the lightning bolt Tracking menu while composing. You'll see this menu:

Tracking menu

Then, check the box next to Smart email notifications or Smart Slack notifications to indicate which kind(s) of notifications you'd like to receive.

If you'd like to enable smart notifications by default or to change the Slack channel used for smart notifications, you can do so on the Tracking settings page of the Mixmax Dashboard:

Tracking settings

You can check the box next to Smart email notifications or Smart Slack notifications to turn these on for all messages. You can use the Select default Slack notifications channel dropdown to select which Slack channel your smart Slack notifications will be sent to. By default, notifications will be sent to the Slackbot direct message channel.

Smart notifications will be sent when your recipient opens a message for the third time.

Smart notifications will not be sent for any domains or recipients you have excluded from the Live Feed to prevent you from getting notifications from your internal recipients. Although the smart notification arrives in the same email thread as the original message, don't worry; it is only sent to the Mixmax user/sender. The recipient will not receive the same notification.

Turning off smart notifications by default will change the setting for future messages and messages sent prior to the setting being disabled.

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