I want to change how my name appears in my emails

To change how your name appears in your emails, first, you would need to edit how your name appears in your Google Account settings.
Once your Google Account Name is updated, you will need to log out of your Mixmax Account Dashboard, then log back in for the changes to reflect in Mixmax

Here's how to change the name that is associated with your Gmail account. You can do it in your Gmail settings! 

1. Click the gear icon in the top right to open Gmail settings, or head here.

2. Click the Accounts tab, and look for the area that says Send mail as. Click edit info.

change name 1 - edit info.png

3. This will open the yellow window, shown below. Add the correct name beneath the existing name, then click Save Changes.

change name 2 - edit email address.png

4. Click the Import Email Addresses to Mixmax button.

change name 3 - import to mixmax.png

5. Refresh your browser tab. Now, when you click Compose, your new name will appear in the From field:

Display Name in Meeting Templates

To change the text that displays at the top of your Meeting Template calendar, head over to the Meeting Templates page of your Mixmax dashboard and select the Meeting Template you'd like to change. You can then edit the text in the Page Title field.

After that, your new text will appear at the top of your Meeting Template calendar when viewed on the web.

Still having trouble? Send us an email at success@mixmax.com.

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