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Calendar events for Outlook and Apple Calendars
Calendar events for Outlook and Apple Calendars

Learn how to sync your Google calendar with Apple or Outlook and what to do if an event doesn't appear in your recipient's calendar.

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Calendar Enhancements are available on all Mixmax plans, including the Free plan, but some options, like Shared calendar scheduling, are available only on the Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

When your recipient schedules a Mixmax calendar event with you, the event will automatically appear on your calendar and your recipient's calendar โ€” regardless of whether they use a Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar.

Sync your Google calendar with Apple or Outlook

When you schedule events with Mixmax, the events will automatically show up on the Google calendar associated with your Mixmax account. This is because Mixmax is integrated with your Gmail account, and Google Calendar is a related Google Apps product. If you prefer to use Apple Calendar or Outlook Calendar, you can set up an automatic sync:

The event didn't appear on my recipient's calendar

If your recipient says they scheduled an event with you, but the event didn't appear on their calendar, ask them if you sent the email to the same address they use for their calendar. If not, you can start sending emails to the email address associated with their calendar so events will automatically sync. If you prefer to email their other address, they can add the event to their calendar manually.

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