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How to enable unsubscribing for Sequences
How to enable unsubscribing for Sequences

This article describes how individuals and Workspace Admins can set up the Unsubscribe links for email stages of Sequences.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

You can add an Unsubscribe link to your sequences to enable your recipients to opt out of future sequences you send. If a recipient unsubscribes, they'll only be unsubscribed from your sequences, and you will still be able to send them individual emails. Unsubscribe links can be set up for an individual account or by a role within a Workspace.

Set up an Unsubscribe link for a role in your Workspace

If you are a Workspace admin, you can require that specific roles in your Workspace use an unsubscribe link in their sequences, and you can customize the text that appears in the link. Go to the Roles section of your Admin page, and select a role. Click the Unsubscribe tab. You can allow each individual in the role to manage their own unsubscribe settings, or you can specify the settings for everyone in the role. This is also where you can customize the text that appears in the unsubscribe link. When you create the link, put the text {{unsubscribe_link}} in the link box:

Unsubscribe link for roles

Set up an unsubscribe link on an individual account

Go to the Unsubscribe section of your Settings, and check the box next to Add an unsubscribe link to my sequence messages. You can customize the text that appears in your unsubscribe link. When you create the link, put the text {{unsubscribe_link}} in the link box:

Unsubscribe link for individual accounts

You can also download a CSV of your Unsubscribed list by clicking Download CSV, as shown in the screenshot above. This file will include all recipients who have unsubscribed from your sequences up until the date you download the CSV.

Disable the unsubscribe link on a Sequence level

Even if the unsubscribe link is enabled in your account Settings, you can always disable the unsubscribe link for a specific Sequence. To disable the unsubscribe link, go to the Settings tab of a Sequence and click the Unsubscribe tab. Uncheck the box next to Include unsubscribe link in emails, then click Publish changes.

Manage your Unsubscribed list

You can see and manage your Unsubscribed list in the Sequences area of the Mixmax web app.

The Unsubscribed list

  • To add contacts to the Unsubscribed list, click the Add/Import button in the top right corner of the Unsubscribe window, then follow these steps:

    • To add contacts one by one, simply start typing a contact's email in the Email field, then select the required contact from the auto-populated list below.

    • To import a CSV list of contacts, click the CSV button in the top left corner, then upload the CSV file or drag and drop it anywhere in the window.

    • Click Import to finalize adding contacts to the Unsubscribed list.

Import a contact to Unsubscribed

  • To remove a contact from the Unsubscribe list, hover over the contact and click the trash can icon next to their name.

    • You can search through your unsubscribed contacts by using the Find an email address field above the list. Enter the complete email you are looking for in the search field. See an example in the image below:

Remove a contact from unsubscribed

If the email address used in the search bar is not part of the Unsubscribed list, no results will appear:

No results that match search criteria

  • If your Unsubscribe settings are managed by your Workspace, the Unsubscribed list shows all the recipients who have unsubscribed from the sequence emails of anyone in your Workspace.

  • If your Unsubscribe settings are managed by your Workspace, then once a contact is in your Unsubscribed list, you and anyone else in your Workspace will not be able to add them to a sequence. If an Unsubscribed recipient is added to a sequence, they'll be automatically removed, and you'll see a notification indicating that a recipient was removed.

You can download the Unsubscribed list from the Unsubscribe window or your personal Settings > Unsubscribe. If you do not see the Download CSV option there, it means only a Workspace Admin can download the Unsubscribed list from Admin Settings > Roles > Unsubscribe.

Use Rules to follow up if a recipient unsubscribes or resubscribes

You can also set up Rules to take action when your recipients unsubscribe or resubscribe to your sequences. The unsubscribe/resubscribe triggers can be found in the Tracked Link section when creating your Rule.

Unsubscribe rules

Why add an unsubscribe link?

The laws and policies regarding the use of unsubscribe links in "cold" outreach vary by country. For example, in the United States, cold emailing and the use of unsubscribe links are regulated by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Other countries, such as Canada and the European Union, have stricter rules. We recommend looking over these rules before emailing prospects and including the opt-out link in all outgoing messages you send via sequences.

Workspace Admins can also use the Unsubscribed domains feature to prevent users from adding any recipients from a certain domain to sequences. To learn more, see unsubscribing entire domains from sequences.

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