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How to unsubscribe entire domains from Sequences
How to unsubscribe entire domains from Sequences

This article explains how to add an entire domain to the Unsubscribed domains list.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.


Workspace admins can use the Unsubscribed domains feature to prevent users in the workspace from sending sequences to specified domains. This feature works for all recipients added through Salesforce, the web app, Rules, or API.

Users you add through Gmail will not be automatically removed.

You can manage the Unsubscribed domains list by navigating to the Settings > Admin > Workspace area of Mixmax and adding or removing domains.

You can enter each domain manually, separating them by a line break. Domains should be in the format.

Unsubscribed domains

Once a domain is added to the unsubscribe list, users in the workspace will not be able to add recipients with the unsubscribed domain to their sequences. When they attempt to add recipients with the unsubscribed domain, they will receive an alert notifying them that there are recipients who belong to an unsubscribed domain. To view the emails of the removed recipients, users can click Details in the alert popup.

Recipients from unsubscribed domains removed

Recipients already active in sequences that belong to newly unsubscribed domains will not be removed from the sequences. Any recipients you attempt to add to a sequence in the future, however, will be automatically removed.

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