Syncing emails with your Group

Learn how to sync email correspondence with your Workspace Group members and exclude particular emails and domains from being synced.

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Syncing to Mixmax Group Live Feed and auto-BCCing your CRM is available on the Mixmax Small Business plan, but some options, like syncing activity to Salesforce, are available only on the Growth plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

You can log email events to your Group Live Feed, Salesforce, and other services via Auto-BCC, so your Group is aware of all your important communication activity.

Example: When you send an email to a customer, you can log the email to your Group Live Feed so everyone on the Group knows that you emailed Bernice about her renewal — and your Group can also see Bernice's opens, clicks, and downloads.

Setting up syncing

  • If you're on the Growth plan and above, connect to your Salesforce account so emails get logged with the appropriate Contact, Lead, Account, or Opportunity in Salesforce — and your recipients' opens, clicks, downloads, replies, and meeting confirmations get logged in their Salesforce Activity History.

  • If you're on the Small Business plan, add an email address to auto-BCC your CRM or another service to automatically send a copy of an email wherever you need a record of it (you don't need to add an auto-BCC address if you've connected your Salesforce account).

  • Create a Group so you can sync to Mixmax - Users on the Small Business plan and above can view and sync to Group Live Feeds. With Group Live Feeds, your Group can see your emails in your Group Live Feed. Head to your Mixmax Groups page to create a new Group.

    • Once you've created a Group, head to your CRM & Group Live Feed settings page, where you can choose whether to automatically send events to the Group Live Feed and Reports sections of the Mixmax web app. You can also choose whether your Group members can view the content of the emails that you sync to Mixmax.

Sharing settings

Excluding email domains and addresses from being synced

Of course, you don't want every email synced to your Group Live Feed or your CRM. You can specify email domains and email addresses to exclude. To do it, go to your Mixmax CRMs & Live Feed settings, and then scroll down to Exclusions.

It's a good idea to exclude your own company's email domain and any task management or other services you use. You can also exclude individual email addresses — so if you email your partner or friends from your work account, your correspondence won't end up in your CRM!

The emails to these exclusions will still be visible to you under the Myself tab of the Live Feed. They will not be visible to anyone else.

Exclusions you set up in your personal settings will apply even if your Workspace Admin enables the Sync all emails to Mixmax Reports and Live Feed whether or not I sent them with Mixmax setting for the Role assigned to you.


Exclusions are applied when:

  • Syncing email activity to Salesforce

  • Syncing email activity to the Mixmax Live Feed

  • Syncing email activity to Mixmax Reports

  • Syncing meetings to Salesforce

  • Triggering Mixmax Reminders and Smart Notifications

Exclusions are not applied when syncing meetings to Mixmax Reports.

Meetings in Mixmax Reports are differentiated into Internal and External, but the exclusions are not applied, so all meetings will appear in Mixmax Reports.

Turning syncing on/off for individual messages

You can always turn the syncing on or off for individual emails by clicking the Sync button in the bottom bar of the compose window:

Syncing to Mixmax

If you turn the syncing off, the message will still sync privately, and users will see a lock next to the email to indicate this. No other users in your Group will be able to view the synced email.

Email with syncing turned off

Syncing to Mixmax is not available to users on the Free plan.

Now you’ll know exactly when a Group member has reached out to an important contact, and you'll see when and how contacts engage with your Group's emails.

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