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How to use variables in a Sequence
How to use variables in a Sequence
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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Variables are a great way to customize your messages to individual recipients in sequences. Variables will automatically be filled in with the information you provide to Mixmax.

There are several ways to add variable data to Mixmax:

  • CSV - You can upload a CSV file with a list of recipients; each column header in the CSV will correspond to a variable. See CSV Files for more information on creating a CSV compatible with Mixmax.

  • Salesforce - Salesforce lists can be imported to sequences; each Salesforce field associated with the contact or lead will be a variable.

  • Contact list - Fields in your Mixmax contacts can be used as variables. Just create a variable using the same label as the field in your contact record.

  • Manual - You can manually create new variables. To do this, click the + button on the Recipients table in step 1 of creating your sequence. If you need to manually create a variable while editing your sequence content, just start typing using the following format {{Variable name}} a new column header will be created in the Recipients table, which you can then fill with data.

Once a variable has been created, it will appear at the top of the sequence stage editor. Simply click the Insert variable button to add it.

Adding a variable

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