Mixmax Sequence variables

This article will teach you what default and custom variables you can use to personalize email stages in your Sequences.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Recipient variables

  • {{First Name}} - first name of the recipient

  • {{Last Name}} - last name of the recipient

  • {{Email}} - Email address of the recipient

  • {{Name}} - Full name of the recipient

Sender variables

  • {{Sender First Name}} - First name of the sender

  • {{Sender Name}} - Full name of the sender

  • {{Sender Signature}} - Signature of the email sender

  • {{Sender Calendar URL}} - URL of the default calendar of the email sender

Miscellaneous variables

  • {{Subject}} - The subject of this email

  • {{Day of the Week}} - The day of the week that this email will be sent

  • {{Time of Day}} - The time this email will be sent

Custom variables

You can include any custom variables in your Mixmax Sequence, such as {{Company}}. As long as the information is present in the recipient details, the variable will auto-populate the information. To learn more, see how to add variables to a sequence.

Sender variables
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