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Connect Zapier to send information to Mixmax using Webhooks
Connect Zapier to send information to Mixmax using Webhooks

This article describes how you can connect Zapier to send data to Mixmax using incoming Webhooks.

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Webhooks are available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

You can use Zapier to automatically send information to Mixmax via Incoming Webhooks.

To learn how to use Webhooks to send data to Zapier with a Mixmax Rule, please visit Send Activities to Zapier using Webhooks.

Incoming Webhooks

With Incoming Webhooks, you can send data to Mixmax from any system that supports webhooks and trigger Mixmax actions such as adding recipients to a sequence, adding people to contacts, sending an email, creating a Task, etc.

Below, we will use Zapier as an example. We will set up a rule in which we will tell Zapier to send recipients to Mixmax so we can automatically add them to a sequence as soon as they submit a Google form.

1. Create a new Zap

Go to Zapier and click Make a Zap!

Making a zap

2. Set up your Zap Trigger

From Zapier, set up your Zap Trigger by choosing Google Sheets (or a connected App where the information is coming from).

Zap trigger app

Continue setting up your Zap Trigger by specifying your options.

Zap trigger action

3. Set up your Zap Action

From Zapier, click Add a Step and search for Webhooks.

Webhooks in Zapier

After selecting Webhooks, select POST on the next screen and click Continue.

Webhook POST

On the next screen, finish setting up your Zap Action by filling in the information below.

Setting up webhooks

Please note email is a required field to work with Mixmax. "email" is case-sensitive and should start with a lowercase 'e.'

4. Create your Mixmax Rule

Go to your Mixmax Rules page and click +New Rule.

Creating a new rule

Select Webhook from your Trigger apps.

On the next screen, click Copy URL, paste the webhook URL into the Zap's URL field of the Zap in Zapier, and then click Continue to finish setting up your Mixmax Rule.

Copying webhook URL

Next, add a Filter on a field (optional), then click the button to Add an Action.

From the Action menu, select Sequence, then select Add them to a sequence and click Continue.

Sequence as an action app

On the next screen, select your Sequence and configure your Send Times. Click Activate & Close when you're done setting up your rule.

Activating the rule

Please visit this article from Zapier to learn how to Create a Zap. Also, please see Webhooks by Zapier for more info.

If you have any questions regarding Zapier, please reach out to Zapier Support.

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