Part 7: Workspace Rules

This is part 7 of Chapter 1 of the Workspace Administration course, where we show you how to create Workspace-level Rules.

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Workspace-level Rules

Rules are one of the most powerful features in Mixmax, and our customers love them.

If specific workflows or repetitive tasks are common for your entire Workspace, you can conveniently automate them using Mixmax Rules. The most powerful version of the Mixmax Rules engine is available on our Enterprise plan.

To set up a new Workspace Rule, go to the Rules tab in Admin Settings.

Rules tab in Admin settings

Click +New Rule, specify a name for the Rule, then configure its main elements. Every rule has the same pattern:

  • Trigger is the action that starts the rule.

  • Filter allows to set certain conditions that the Trigger should meet.

  • Action is what happens as a result.

To learn more, see Workspace-level Rules.

Commonly used Workspace-level Rules

One of the common cases when you could use Rules is adding new Recipients to a Sequence automatically when certain conditions are met. For instance, you can use a Rule to add users who answer "Yes" in an email Poll to a sequence dedicated to a particular product. Check this article for more details.

If you connect Salesforce to Mixmax, you can use Workspace-level Rules to automatically update Salesforce data with your Mixmax activity as triggers. Here are some examples:

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