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Calendar events and availability
"Show times I am free" for Calendar Invite recipients
"Show times I am free" for Calendar Invite recipients

Learn how to use Mixmax's calendar enhancements to easily schedule meetings and compare availability with recipients.

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Calendar Enhancements are available on all Mixmax plans, including the Free plan, but some options, like Shared calendar scheduling, are available only on the Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Using the "Show times I am free" feature, recipients can easily check their availability against the time slots you offered for your upcoming meeting. No more flipping between multiple tabs to double-check against your calendar.

When a message is sent with the Meeting (/meeting), or Availability enhancement (/availability), the recipient will see a button in the upper right that says, "Show me times I'm free."

Checking availability

Recipients who wish to use this feature will be asked to accept the Mixmax terms of service. This is required so we can check the events that are already scheduled on their calendar and accurately show which times they still have free.

Accepting terms of service

This will allow your recipients to compare their availability to yours, and they will be shown a list of times when you are both free. Available times are blue, and unavailable times are shown in white. If they do not wish to accept our terms of service, they will still be taken to the screen to choose their meeting time but will not see potential conflicts with their own schedule.

Free and unavailable time spots

As the sender, users have the ability to select times they are available rather than allowing recipients to schedule themselves during any otherwise unoccupied time slot. This allows the sender to choose specific blocks of time for specific meeting types.

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