Calendar time zones

Learn how Mixmax determines time zones for Calendar Enhancements, including Share Availability, Public Calendar, and Meeting Templates.

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Calendar Enhancements are available on all Mixmax plans, including the Free plan, but some options, like Shared calendar scheduling, are available only on the Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

In this help article, we will discuss how time zones are determined in our various calendaring options.

Enhancements (Share Availability)

In our Share availability and Send calendar invite enhancements, you pick the time zone that will be utilized when offering meeting times to recipients. Once you insert your availability into an email, this time zone is static, and times do not automatically convert based on where (geographically) the email is opened.

To change the time zone that your recipient sees, look for Time Zone on the left panel of the calendar app. You can select the timezone to use in that dropdown.

Setting the time zone

Public calendar/Meeting templates

The time slots shown on your Mixmax Public Calendar are automatically converted to the time zone settings of the device used to view the calendar. The time-frames you set in your meeting template settings are based on the time zone set on your own Google calendar.

Recipients viewing your public calendar will also have the option to manually change the time zone using the drop-down on the right.

Changing the time zone

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