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Syncing recurring Google Calendar events to Salesforce
Syncing recurring Google Calendar events to Salesforce

Here's how recurring Google Calendar events are synced between Mixmax and Salesforce.

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Salesforce integration is available on the Mixmax Growth + CRM plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Some teams have regular meetings with their customers and prospects (e.g., twice a month), which are set up in Google Calendar as recurring events.

Mixmax will automatically sync these recurring Google Calendar events to Salesforce for you! No manual interaction is needed, saving you time.

If you're on the Growth or Enterprise plan, you can sync emails, calls, calendar events, and other activities to the associated Salesforce Lead or Contact with its corresponding Account or Opportunity.

If you need to sync the meetings you schedule using Google Calendar, select the "Meetings" option under Log these activities to Salesforce in your Personal settings or ask your Workspace Administrator to enable it in the Role settings. For more details, see Configuring the Salesforce integration.


A recurring event in Google Calendar is an event that is repeated with a given cadence, e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, or with a custom cadence, such as twice per month. The following screenshot shows an event repeating on the third week of each month:

Repeated event

How Mixmax syncs recurring calendar events to Salesforce

Mixmax syncs the Gcal events to Salesforce events with the given cadence and details, like for any other individual meeting (check out Syncing to Salesforce for more information on syncing individual meetings).

For the example above, the event will appear in Salesforce on the third Thursday of each month and at the same time when it was scheduled in Gcal:

Mixmax will sync up to a maximum of 60 meetings. After these 60 meetings take place, the next upcoming 60 meetings won't be synced, so we recommend you set the End Date for recurring meetings to make sure 60 instances are not exceeded:

(In the example above, the recurring events scheduled to repeat on the third Thursday of every month starting from Sept 21, 2023, will end in Aug 2028).

Additional information

The Event's Subject in Salesforce will be exactly the same as the Event's Title in Google Calendar. For example, if the GCal Event's Title is "Renewal discussion," that will be the Event's Subject in Salesforce as well.

Event's subject

Mixmax supports the updates on the Google Calendar recurring events for the Title, Description, Start Time, or End Time, as well as changing the cadence (e.g., from daily to weekly). If any of these details are updated in Google Calendar, the corresponding events in Salesforce will also be updated.

Mixmax also respects selecting which events to update in Google Calendar: this event only, this and following events, or all events (see the image below with Google Calendar settings):

Editing a recurring event

Mixmax doesn't support the conversion from recurring events to individual events and vice versa.

If you need to convert events, here are some tips:

  • To convert recurring events to an individual event, we recommend you delete the existing series of events and create a new standalone event.

  • To convert an individual event to a recurring one, we recommend deleting the existing standalone event and creating a new one with the required frequency.

Happy recurring events!

Get in touch with our support if you still have questions.

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