How many recipients can I send to with Sequences?

Sequences are fantastic for automating outreach and communications to hundreds of contacts. However, if you try to send to too many people at once, you might hit Gmail's rate limits — Gmail will think you're sending spam and won't send all your messages. To prevent this from happening, we have a sophisticated algorithm that makes it look to Gmail like you're sending the messages manually (although the Mixmax AI is doing it for you:). 

Because Mixmax sends your messages through your Gmail account, Mixmax is subject to any limitations set by Google, including rate-limiting. Google monitors the rate at which messages are sent through your account messages, not just the total number of messages you send in a 24-hour period. You can learn more about specific account limits  here. This means your account could be limited if you send a high volume of messages in a short period of time.

Mixmax has some safeguards in place to help prevent your account from getting rate limited. If you send your sequence to more than 500 recipients at once, we will space out your sending over multiple weekdays and slightly space each individual message. Each sequence will have a limit of 500 recipients per day, but you can add as many recipients as you'd like when you're setting up your sequence.

To learn more, read about the Google Apps email sending limits. Bear in mind that a number of factors will impact the exact number of messages you're able to send, e.g.,

  • If your bounce rate is high and/or you're sending to malformed or invalid emails you are much more likely to be rate limited.
  • If recipients are marking your emails as spam, you are much more likely to be rate limited. Each time a recipient clicks "Mark as spam" in Gmail, Gmail penalizes the sender by reducing their daily send quota by ~100 emails. 
  • Prior sending behavior on your account will impact what the limit is for you. Learn more in Protect your email reputation.
  • The rate of sending is just as important as the number of messages sent per day. G Suite customers can send up to 2000 emails per day — but cannot send all these emails at once. Sending must be spaced out over time.