Add a recipient to a sequence from the compose window

You can add a recipient to a sequence directly from Gmail with one of two methods.

  1. The Follow up menu - if your recipient doesn't open/reply to the message you send, they'll receive Stage 1 of your sequence
  2. The Sequences menu - inserts Stage 1 of the sequence into the body of your email, your sequence will follow up with stage 2

Follow up Menu

Hover over Follow up at the top of the compose window, and a pop-up will appear. Then select the sequence to which you'll add the recipient.

Select the criteria for sending the sequence:

And choose the date when the sequence will send for the recipient. 

Sequence menu

Access your Sequences from the Sequences menu in the top of a new message window. When you select one the sequence will be added to the top of the compose window. 

Once you add a recipient to your sequence, they’ll show up in your  Sequences section of the web app, where you can personalize upcoming stages or remove recipients as needed.

When inserting a sequence with custom variables you will have the option to define your variables before inserting the sequence.

For more details about when your sequence will send, click the pencil icon as shown below:

On the Growth and Enterprise plans, you can also customize sequences right from the compose window.  After clicking the pencil icon, click Edit in the box that appears. You’ll see a preview of all your stages which you can edit as you like. Note: the edit button will only appear if you have a recipient in the TO: field. 

Here are some general guidelines for adding a recipient to a sequence from the compose window in Gmail:

  • Set up the sequence to send as replies — or to send as separate emails. When adding a recipient to a sequence using the Follow up menu, if you want the sequence to be added as a reply to the message you're writing in Gmail, be sure that when you first set up your sequence your sequence has no subject line. Here's more on subject lines in sequences.
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