How to book a meeting on the sequence sender's calendar

Different people can send the same sequence, thanks to shared sequences. Often, the goal of the sequence is to book a meeting with the recipient. You want to book the meeting on the sender's calendar — not on the sequence creator's calendar. You can do this using the {{sender calendar url}} variable.

When you create your sequence, start typing the curly brackets  {{ or click the the Insert Variable button, and add the {{sender calendar url}} variable.

Each Mixmax user can specify a meeting template that will be used when they send a sequence (or any email) with the  {{sender calendar url}} variable. Go to your Calendar Settings page, and scroll til you see Default calendar URL. In the dropdown menu, choose the meeting template you want to use for your default calendar. If you don't choose a meeting template, Mixmax will automatically choose the meeting template at the top of your list on the Meeting templates page. 

You can also use the  {{sender calendar url}} variable in sequences that you trigger to send using a Rule. For example, when a Salesforce Lead is created, you can trigger a sequence to be sent from the Salesforce Lead owner

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