Sharing links and files

With Mixmax you can easily share an email with someone when forwarding isn’t an option and copy and pasting is too clunky. When you click the Share button (see screenshot below), it creates a unique share URL (e.g. The ID on the URL is random, so it's near impossible to guess.


Each time you share a link or file using Mixmax - you can choose who can see it and how long the link is active. You now have the following options:

  • Anyone with the link can view
  • Anyone at my domain can view
  • Only I can view

The default for shared links is Anyone at my Domain. You can also adjust permissions from your Links & Files dashboard, hover your mouse over a link or file and click Edit to change the privacy settings.

Expiration Dates

In addition to controlling who can see a shared link, you can also control the length of time it can be viewed. You can set an expiration date for the link immediately when you create the link in Gmail or from your Links & Files dashboard.

Re-Enable Expired Links

To re-enable a deleted or expired file head over to the Deleted/expired section of the Links & Files dashboard, then place a check-mark next to the file you would like to re-enable and click the Restore selected button.

If your recipient clicks on an expired/deleted link, they will be taken to the following landing page:

The recipient can then ask you to re-enable the link which you can do from your Links & Files dashboard. This allows you to have control over who can view links and when!

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