Tasks in Mixmax

Tasks are action items that help you prioritize and track what you need to get done on a day-to-day basis. You can add tasks to sequences, rules, create individual tasks, complete tasks from Gmail, and efficiently churn through a batch of tasks. Here are the details! 

Tasks are available on the Enterprise plancontact sales to learn more. 

Tasks in the Mixmax web app

To access Tasks, go to the Tasks Dashboard in the Mixmax web app, or the tasks tab of the Mixmax sidebar in Gmail. 

Create a new task by clicking New Task in the top left corner. Choose whether you want to create an Email task, To-do task, or a Call task. In the task pop-up window, write a title for your task, and fill in any required fields. Then, set the task due date by clicking the calendar icon. Finally, click Save in the upper-right corner of the task window to save the task. 

To organize your tasks you can use sorting and filtering to quickly find the tasks you want to complete or hide those which are not relevant to you right now. These filters are displayed at the top of the tasks dashboard.  

You can sort tasks by due date or task title ascending or descending.

You can filter:

  • View Tasks for - This will provide a list of assignees in your workspace “Myself” as the top result which will filter tasks to those assigned to you. You can search for a specific user by typing in the drop down by selecting “Search for an assignee”
  • Due Date - Currently we have several preset date configurations for you to quickly refine your task list including, “Overdue”, “Today”, “Today+Overdue”, “Tomorrow”, “Next 7 Days”, “Next 7 days + Overdue”, “This Month”. Additionally you can enter a custom date range for the due date by entering dates into the inputs under “View tasks between”. Please note: Due dates are timezone dependent
  • Task Type - By default all task types are selected however you can choose to deselect those which are not relevant to you. We currently can filter on: Call, Manual Email, To-do, Linkedin Connection, Linkedin InMail task types
  • Sequence - This will list all sequences you have access to that are not archived in your workspace. You can search for the sequence of your choice by selecting “Search for a Sequence” and entering your sequence’s name. Alternatively you can scroll through the list of sequences to find the one you want. 
  • Status - This will give you the option to view your Open or Completed tasks. By default we display your Open tasks. 
  • Account - Users can search by specific accounts and view tasks associated with all related contacts and activities. 

Please Note: In order to utilize the "Accounts" filter, you must be connected to Salesforce. Please see how to connect to Salesforce here

To remove any filters you’ve set you can either manually change them within each filter or select Reset Filters on the left hand above the Task list.

After the task has been created and saved, you can click on the task to re-open the pop-up window and edit the task. To mark a task complete, click the check mark in the upper-left corner of the task window. To delete a task, click the trash icon in the bottom-right corner of the task window. 

You can complete individual tasks from the Tasks page of the Mixmax web app by selecting the check mark in the “Status” column. 

You can also bulk resolve todo tasks by using the checkboxes on the left hand of the Tasks page and either marking them as complete or delete them. 

Note: If a task is a part of a sequence and is marked as complete it will progress the recipient to the next stage of the sequence. If a task is a part of a sequence and it is deleted it will exit the recipient from the sequence

Types of tasks

To-Do tasks

To-Do tasks are general to-do items that need action outside of Mixmax. This can be an offline action such as sending your client a thank you card, or taking an action in another application.

Call tasks

Call tasks allow you make and log calls using the Mixmax dialer.  Learn more about Mixmax Calling here

Salesforce Tasks

If you are connected to Salesforce, you'll see your To-do and Call tasks that you create, edit, and complete sync to Salesforce (Be sure to check the box next to Sync Mixmax Tasks in Salesforce here).

If you are connected to Salesforce, you'll also have additional fields in To-do and Call task windows. You can choose which fields will appear for each task types (to-do task or call task) in your CRM Settings page. 

You'll also see a task priority field (high, normal, low) in the task window, and additional task status options that correspond to Salesforce fields.

If you don't use Salesforce, you can create non-salesforce tasks within Mixmax. 

Email tasks

Email tasks allow you to draft an email that you can choose to send when completing your tasks. Email tasks include an editor where you can review and edit your email before sending.  

Unlike other tasks, Email tasks will not be synced to Salesforce when the task is created.  Instead, the Email task will be synced to Salesforce as a Sent event when you send the email.  Clicking Send on an Email Task will mark it as completed. 

Add Tasks to Sequences

You can create a sequence where one or more stages is a task. To add a task as a follow-up stage, in the Then section of the sequence stage editor, use the dropdown to select which type of task you would like to create. You can specify whether the task should be a To-do task, Email task or a Phone call. This choice determines which fields you fill out when setting up the sequence stage. 

To-do and Call Tasks in Sequences

You can specify which fields appear in To-do and Call tasks in your CRM Settings page. If you choose Phone call, you can make phone calls with Mixmax. If your sequence recipients' phone numbers are in Salesforce, they will automatically be pulled into the call task.  

You can trigger the next sequence stages to occur when the tasks are completed or deferred, if they are not completed or deferred by the due date, or regardless. 

Manual Email Tasks

If you choose an Email task you will be able to draft the email that will be included in the task.  When your sequence reaches the Email Task stage a new task will be created in the Tasks dashboard. You can send the email and complete the task anywhere tasks are available.  This makes Email tasks great for manually approving a sequence stage before it's sent, or adding a personal touch before sending out your sequence stage. 

You can trigger the next sequence stages to occur when the tasks are completed or deferred, if they are not completed or deferred by the due date, or regardless. If you choose to skip the task, the next stage of your sequence will be sent immediately. 

Complete tasks efficiently with Beast Mode

Beast Mode enables you to quickly complete large batches of sequential tasks. You can also use Beast Mode to efficiently make all your phone calls for the day, or send out emails from your Email Tasks. Learn more about Beast Mode.

Automate your workflow using Tasks + Rules

You can automate your workflow with Rules.

Rule triggers include

  • a Mixmax tasks is created
  • a Mixmax task is update
  • a Mixmax task is completed
  • a Salesforce task is created or updated

Rule actions include

  • create a Mixmax task
  • create a new Salesforce task

Here are some examples of popular rules using tasks:

  • When a meeting is confirmed, create a task to prepare for the meeting
  • When a meeting is cancelled, create a task to reschedule
  • When someone answers my yes/no question (i.e., to request a demo), create a task to follow up
  • When a task is completed, post to Slack to let the team know

Completed Task Reporting

Users can pull a report on Completed Tasks in Mixmax using Report Builder

Please Note: This report will only display data for Completed Tasks from Mixmax Sequences. Open Tasks that are apart of a Sequence and one-off Tasks not apart of a Sequence that are Completed will not be reflected in the Completed Task Report data. In Report Builder, you can view the Completed Task report for either Users or Groups. After selecting the report subtype, you can used the Advanced Filters to refine your search. 

Please Note: Workspace Admins will be able to view all Groups and their Completed Task data in Report Builder regardless if they are apart of them. 

After running a Users or Groups report, you can view the data for Completed Tasks per Task type (ie: To-do Tasks)

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