Restart Chrome to utilize Mixmax

As part of their normal development process, Google from time to time will release updates to Chrome.  To ensure your Mixmax experience stays compatible with Google's latest release, when Mixmax detects an update we will automatically prompt you to restart your Chrome browser via this dialog box.

How to restart Chrome

There are two ways we recommend to ensure your browser has been restarted.

  • A) Type (without the quotation marks) "chrome://restart" into Chrome's address bar and hit enter.  This will force Chrome to quit and then restart while opening all of your previous tabs.  Be sure to save your work in any relevant tab prior to taking this action.
  • B) Quit and restart Chrome.  To quit Chrome, either select 'Quit Google Chrome' from the 'Chrome' menu, or select 'Exit' from the 'three dots' menu. You can then re-open the Chrome application to ensure a full and complete restart. Be sure to save your work in any relevant tab prior to taking this action.

Once you've completed either step A or B above, you are all set to continue using Mixmax! 

If you have difficulty sending messages after restarting Chrome, please send us a message via this link, and include details of what steps you've taken and any error message you receive.

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