Grant Read / Write Access to Shareable Assets for Specific Roles

Mixmax admins can create Mixmax roles that automatically have Read / Write access to all shared assets created in their organization.  This setting is useful for admins who would like to be able to manage all assets created by their team, or teams who would like to have all assets automatically shared with everyone on the team.

If you are a Mixmax admin for your organization, you can enable this setting by heading over to the Account and Billing page and selecting Roles. Under the Mixmax tab, place a checkmark next to Grant read / write access to all shareable assets in your organization.

With this setting enabled, members of this role will automatically be given read/write access to any shared assets created by other members of the organization. Users with this setting enabled will also get access to any assets that were created before the setting was enabled.  This setting applies to the following:

  • Templates
  • Sequences
  • Contact lists
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