Receiving admin_policy_enforced error when logging into Mixmax

If you are seeing an error message "Admin_policy_enforced" when trying to login to Mixmax, you should contact your G Suite admin to adjust your organization's Admin API settings.

G Suite admins should check their G Suite Admin Console and review the organization's Admin API settings to ensure API access is enabled.  

G Suite admins will also need to whitelist Mixmax as a trusted app.  Here's how:

If your team has used Mixmax in the past:

  1. Navigate to the API Permissions section of the Admin console
  2. Under Admin, click X apps:
  3. Find Mixmax in the list of installed apps
  4. Click the vertical dots icon and select Trust:

If your team is new to Mixmax or if Mixmax does not appear on the list:

  1. Navigate to the API Permissions section of the Admin console
  2. Click Trusted apps
  3. Click + in the lower right, and add Mixmax as a trusted Web Application. 
    Use OAuth2 Client ID:

More information on whitelisting apps can be found here

What Changed?

Starting on November 4, 2019, Google is removing the API Reference setting.  Only the Admin API access setting will be used to control API access to G Suite after November 4, 2019.

If you have the API Reference setting disabled, Google will automatically disable your Admin API access setting on November 4, 2019.

More information on this change can be found here

How this affects Mixmax

Mixmax requires API access to connect to your G suite Gmail account.  You will not be able to login to Mixmax if the Admin API access setting is disabled. 

If you try to sign into Mixmax and see the following error message, your G Suite admin will need to adjust the API Access settings at your organization:

Unfortunately, users enrolled in Google's Advanced Protection Program will get the same error because our third-party app is yet to be verified with the program.

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