Edit an Unused Sequence

Need to change the order of the stages in your sequence or remove a stage before you send it? Open any unused sequence, switch the stages or delete them from the "Stages" tab, and click 'Save Changes' in the bottom left corner. The updates will go into affect immediately and your sequence will be ready for your recipients!


Mixmax users can delete a stage and switch stages of an unused sequence. In order to do so the following requirements need to be met: 

  • A sequence needs to have more than one stage: If a sequence only has one stage, then the stage will not be deletable or switchable. 
  • The sequence needs to be inactive: If the sequence has active recipients, users will not be able to delete a stage or switch the stages. 

Delete a Stage

In order to delete the first stage of the sequence, users can hover over the stage. When doing so a trashcan icon will appear. 

A prompt to confirm the stage deletion will appear. To confirm the deletion, users will need to select "yes". 

For example, after stage 1 is deleted stage 2 will become the new stage 1. 

What Happens After a Stage is Deleted?

  • When a stage is deleted, the next stage becomes takes the place of the prior stage and will have its conditional trigger removed. For example, if stage 1 is deleted and stage 2 used to say, "if not read after 3 days", it will now lose this conditional trigger as stage 1 does not have any conditional triggers.
  • If the user is deleting a stage of an unused sequence that also has recipients added (draft recipients), then additional requirements around the stage start time will need to be met if the drag and drop action impacts the stage.

Drag and Drop Sequence Stages

In an unused sequence, navigate to the "stages" tab. From there, hover the over the six dots, click the stage, and drag it to the position in the sequence you would like it to be. 

What Happens after Drag and Drop is Used to Change the Stage Order? 

  • Based on which stage is moved, the conditional triggers for the specific stage that was moved and the two stages that follow(ed) will update based on following logic
    • When a stage is moved to stage 1
      • it loses its conditional trigger. For example, if the current stage 3 has a conditional trigger “if unread” then send in 3 days” and it’s moved to the first stage, it will lose this conditional trigger.
    • When a stage 1 step is moved to a different position, it’s conditional trigger will default to the following:
      • “if not replied” if following an email stage
      • “If marked completed or deferred” if following a task stage
      • Default delay time is “3 weekdays” between stages
    • When a stage is moved, it’s conditional trigger will update if the stage that now precedes it does not have the same stage type as the stage that used to precede it.  For example, if stage 5 is dragged to stage 3, and stage 5 used to follow an email stage but now follows a task stage, then the conditional trigger will change to “if marked completed or deferred”, and it will keep the same delay period:
      • If the stage now follows an auto email it will default to “if not replied”
      • if following an task stage, default to “If marked completed or deferred”
  • If the user is dragging and dropping an unused sequence that also has recipients added (draft recipients), then additional requirements around stage 1 start time will need to be met if the drag and drop action impacts stage 1. 
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