Add someone to your Sequence when they vote in your Mixmax renewal poll

On the Growth plan and above, you can build a Rule to automatically place or remove a recipient from your Sequence when they vote in your Mixmax poll. 

Creating your Rule

  • For individuals, head over to the Rules section on your account, and click on New Rule. 
  • If you're an admin, and you would like to build this workflow for your entire team, head over to the Rules page in the Admin section, and click on New Rule.

Next, you will need to give your Rule a title. 

Each Mixmax Rule has 3 steps: Trigger, Filter, and Action.


For the trigger, select Poll

Then, select Someone votes in my poll and click on Continue


For your filter, click on  Add Condition.

"Poll Vote" will be the initial filter on the drop down. Click on the dropdown to select others from the menu. Choosing "Poll Vote" will allow you to target a specific poll response by selecting the corresponding vote from your poll.
You can add as many conditions as you'd like to set other filter criteria. Click on Continue when you're done.


For your action, select  Sequences from the options.

On the next window, select  Add them to a sequence and click on Continue.

Select the specific sequence you would like the recipients to be added to 

Click on Activate & Close when you're done.

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