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Cloud-hosted attachments

This article will teach you how to send large attachments and track recipients downloading your files.

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Downloads tracking is available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

For Outlook-based users, Downloads tracking is supported only for emails sent from the Mixmax web app. It is not supported for individual emails sent from the Outlook Inbox.

To learn more about the Mixmax integration with Outlook, check out How to use Outlook with Mixmax.

Want to send a large file or know when someone downloads your file? Send an attachment with download tracking enabled. Tracked attachments are automatically hosted in the cloud, and your recipient can download them whenever they want.

Cloud-hosted attachments offer the following functionality:

  1. There is no size limit.

  2. Since we track downloads, you'll know who downloads your attachments and when.

  3. Files are uploaded and downloaded over encrypted connections.

Tracking downloads can affect the deliverability of your email. If you are seeing your messages with attachments flagged as spam or suspicious, we suggest using traditional attachments.

Enable download tracking on individual messages

For an individual message, hover over the lightning bolt icon in your compose window and make sure Downloads is selected under What would you like to track?

Enabling download tracking

When you add an attachment, you'll see an indicator that it will be tracked once it is sent. Please note that if you upload any attachments greater than 25MB in Mixmax 2.0, they will be uploaded to Google Drive automatically.

The Tracked indicator

Enable download tracking by default

As an individual user, if you'd like to toggle this option for all of your own personal messages, you can do so in the Mixmax Tracking settings via the option below.

Default download tracking

Sequences and Templates

Users also have the ability to toggle download tracking in their sequences and saved templates. Users can do so by checking the Tracked box shown below. You will see this option in the sequence or template composition window when hovering over the paperclip icon.

In order to change a tracked attachment to a traditional attachment for existing Sequences or Templates, delete the existing attachment and then add a new traditional attachment.

Tracked attachment

Disable download tracking for Groups

Workspace admins can disable the use of download tracking for Group members. For more information, see our article on Traditional attachments.

See who’s downloading your files

You can see who is downloading your files in the Live Feed. Click the Downloaded tab under Saved Searches to see the 100 most recent downloads.

The Downloaded tab

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