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I was charged after canceling my subscription!
I was charged after canceling my subscription!
Updated over a week ago

If you were charged after canceling your subscription, have no fear. Simply send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll take care of your refund!

Here are a couple of reasons that may have happened:

Billing changes were processed a few business days after your cancellation

Once you cancel your subscription, billing changes will be processed within a few business days. If you canceled a few days before your billing due date and were charged for your subscription, it may be that our billing system hadn’t completed your cancellation.

You deleted the Mixmax extension without canceling your subscription

While you can delete your Mixmax extension at any time, note that only deleting the extension does not cancel your paid subscription to Mixmax.

Subscriptions can be canceled from the Members tab of Mixmax Admin settings. If you do not see the Admin tab in your Mixmax settings, contact your Mixmax administrator to cancel the subscription.

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