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Analyzing recipients in Sequences with reports
Analyzing recipients in Sequences with reports

This article explains how to access and download Sequence analytics and search through Sequence recipients.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Once your sequence campaign is underway, sit back, relax, and watch the analytics come in! You can see high-level reports from your Sequences page.

Individual Sequence Reports

Get all the details for an individual sequence by clicking the sequence and looking at the Recipient and Insight tabs. You can view stats for your entire sequence or each stage. For shared sequences, you can toggle between showing report information for recipients you've added or all recipients.

By default, sequences only show your recipients. To view recipients added by other Workspace members, switch the My recipients only toggle to off.

Showing all recipients

Downloading individual Sequence Reports

To download sequence analytics as a CSV for further analysis, click the Download button in the top right corner.

Downloading the CSV report

You can find a specific recipient or group within a sequence using the recipient search field. Click the search bar to pull up the recipient search field. You can search by specific email address, name, or even domain.

Search field

Search across Sequences

Search across your sequences by recipient (To), sender (From), last activity, title, owner, and folder. Recipient search includes individuals, domains, Salesforce Accounts, and Salesforce Opportunities.

Search options

Search across Sequence recipients

View your sequence recipients to check where recipients or groups of recipients are within a sequence. This is particularly useful if you have hundreds of recipients across all sequences and need to quickly find recipients who are active or have previously completed a sequence.

Select the Recipients tab within your sequence folders or search results.

Recipients tab in the Sequences section

Pause or exit Sequence recipients

You can pause or exit recipients from sequences on the Recipients tab. See the following articles for more information:

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