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How to organize Sequences with folders
How to organize Sequences with folders

This article describes how to organize Sequences in your Mixmax web app using folders.

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Sequences are available on the Mixmax Small Business plan and above. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Sequence folders are a great way to organize the sequences you have in your web app.

Create a new Sequences folder

Creating a sequence folder is simple. From your Sequences page, click the New folder icon. Once the folder is added, you can double-click the name field to rename your new folder.

Creating a new folder

Adding Sequences to a folder

From the Sequences dashboard, you can drag the sequence over the folder you'd like it added to and then drop it when the folder lights up. To start dragging with your cursor, click and hold with your mouse or trackpad, then navigate the cursor over to the folder where you'd like to add this sequence. Let go, and the sequence will be moved to the new folder.

Dragging a sequence to a folder

Only sequences you own can be added to folders. Sequences that are shared with you will all remain in the Shared with me folder.

Deleting a Sequences folder

When you hover over a folder in your sequences dashboard, you'll see a little x icon. Click that to delete the folder and confirm when the message pops up.

Deleting a folder

Deleting a folder will not delete the sequences within that folder. Sequences will automatically be moved back to the Personal folder if they are in a folder that gets deleted.

Sharing a Sequences folder

If you have many sequences in your Group, sharing sequence folders keeps them organized and neat for everyone. Just click Share this folder at the top of any sequence folder.

Sharing a folder


The Archive folder is a folder where archived Sequences are stored. It is created automatically by the system. For more details on archiving, see how to archive Sequences.

You can't delete the Archive folder.

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