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Canceling your Mixmax subscription
Canceling your Mixmax subscription

This article explains how to cancel your paid subscription to Mixmax.

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If you have a paid subscription (plan) to Mixmax, here's how to cancel it:

Go to your Admin tab in the Mixmax Dashboard. If you are a Workspace Admin, you can click the three dots near Add Members, then Cancel all accounts if you want to cancel all accounts. To cancel an individual account, click on the trash can icon next to an individual to cancel the account.

Canceling an account

Click Yes to confirm you want to cancel in the pop-up box.

Confirming canceling the subscription

If you don't see the Cancel button, you're on the Free plan; check out how to close your Mixmax account in that case.

What happens when you cancel your paid subscription

When you cancel your subscription, we cancel your auto-renewal. Your subscription will remain active until the end of your billing cycle. At that point, you'll be placed on our free plan.

If you were on monthly billing, your subscription will remain active until the end of your paid month.

If you were on annual billing, your subscription will remain active until the end of your paid year.

Annual plan cancellations

We do not offer partial refunds on annual plans, which is how we can provide a steep 25% discount compared to monthly plans. However, we're happy to transfer the remainder of the subscription to another email address, whether to another email address or another person, such as a co-worker.

Please contact our support team to request a transfer of the remainder of your subscription!

Free trial cancellations

If you're on a free trial and want to stop using Mixmax, you don't have to cancel (as you do not currently have a Mixmax subscription). Your account will automatically switch to the free plan at the end of your trial. At any time during your trial, you can delete the Mixmax extension by following the steps outlined in the Deleting the Mixmax extension section below.

If you were charged after canceling

Once you cancel your subscription, we will process the billing changes within a few business days.

If you canceled a few days before your billing due date and were still charged for your subscription, our billing system likely hadn't completed your cancellation before you were charged.

Simply contact our support team, and we'll take care of your refund!

Deleting the Mixmax extension

Once you've canceled your subscription, you'll automatically be placed on the free plan. The Mixmax extension will remain active in your Gmail account.

You can delete the Mixmax extension from your browser. To delete Mixmax, go to chrome://extensions, find the Mixmax extension, and click Remove.

If you only delete the extension from your browser, it will not cancel your paid subscription to Mixmax.

If you delete the extension, your account will still exist, and you can download the extension again and resume using Mixmax.

If you do not wish to use Mixmax in the future, you can close your Mixmax account.

Tell us why you're leaving

We're sad to see you go! We'd love to hear why you're leaving Mixmax and if there's anything we could do to win you back. Please send a message to our support team with your feedback!

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