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Adding Google Meet links to Calendar events
Adding Google Meet links to Calendar events

This article explains how to enable or disable automatic addition of Google Meet links to new Calendar events in Google Workspace and Gmail.

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When you create new Calendar events manually or via meeting templates, you might want Google Meet links automatically added to the events as well. Or, if every Calendar event you create via Mixmax already has Google Meet conference call details added, you might want to disable this feature in your Google account.

Here's a breakdown of how you can enable or disable Google Meet links based on the type of Google account you're utilizing:

Google Workspace (custom email domain)

Google Workspace Administrators can configure this setting by following these instructions:

  1. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps > Google Workspace > Google Meet.

  2. Next to Service status, click the down arrow.

  3. To apply the setting to everyone, leave the top organizational unit selected. Otherwise, select a child organizational unit or a configuration group.

  4. Select On for everyone to enable this setting or Off for everyone to disable it.

  5. Click Save. If you configured an organizational unit or group, you might be able to Inherit or Override a parent organizational unit or Unset a group.

Changes typically take effect in minutes but can take up to 24 hours. For details, go to How changes propagate to Google services.

More information about this can be found in this Google support article.

Gmail ( domain)

If you're using a domain, here's how to manage this setting in your account:

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar.

  2. Click on the cog symbol at the top right and select Settings.

  3. Scroll down to Event Settings.

  4. Check the Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events I create box to enable this setting or uncheck the box to disable it.

Once this is complete, your settings should be saved automatically.

If you can't find the checkbox, it means your account settings are controlled by the administrator of your organization. Please ask your admin to enable or disable this setting for you.

(for admins) For Google Workspaces, the Automatically add Google Meet video conferences to events users create setting is located under Calendar Sharing Settings > Video conferencing. To learn more, check out this Google support article.

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