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AI Compose FAQ

This is an overview of Frequently Asked Questions about AI Compose.

Updated over a week ago

AI Compose is available in Beta on the Mixmax Growth plan and above. The feature is currently being rolled out incrementally across all eligible accounts. Check out our pricing page for more information.

Mixmax AI Compose is a powerful tool that helps you craft great emails with minimal effort. In this article, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Mixmax AI Compose.

What data of mine is used to generate responses to prompts?

We only use the following data:

  • Sender's first name.

  • Sender's domain (e.g.,

Although, if it’s a refinement prompt (e.g., "Make it shorter."), we also use the current email content to generate the refined version of it.

How are my responses used to inform the AI?

Don't worry! We don't use your responses to train the AI. They simply help us to understand the quality of the prompt.

What data does the AI use to generate responses?

We only pass general guidelines in the prompt on what the generated email should be like (e.g., how long it should be, which style to use, etc.). Under the hood, Mixmax AI Compose has gpt-4 which points to another model (you can check the current model version in this article).

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