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AI Compose overview

This article describes the Mixmax AI Compose feature available in Mixmax Sequences, Tasks, and Templates.

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AI Compose is available in Beta on the Mixmax Growth plan and above. The feature is currently being rolled out incrementally across all eligible accounts. Check out our pricing page for more information.

AI Compose uses generative AI to help you write great emails faster. It is only currently available in Mixmax Sequences, Templates, and Tasks but not through our Gmail extension.

AI compose

Once you click the AI Compose button and select Start from scratch, you will be given a prompt to start writing.

Basic prompt usage

The system has already been trained to write great sales emails, which means you don’t need to provide too much in the way of input. For example, you can use the following request:

Basic prompt

This input will result in a Sequence email that may look somewhat like this:

Email based on a prompt

Prompt suggestions

Below the prompt area, you will see some sample prompt suggestions. Simply click one of the suggestions to use the sample prompt.

Prompt suggestions buttons

Advanced prompt usage

The more information you give to your prompt, the more accurate your email will turn out. For example, you might wish to specify the type of person you are targeting with your email, such as marketing leaders, or you may request to mention some specific benefits of your offering.

Advanced prompt

As you can see below, this information has been incorporated into the AI logic to produce a more customized email. Ok, maybe don’t use ‘kisses.’ 🙂

Email based on an advanced prompt

Refining existing emails

AI Compose can help you improve existing emails, for example, by making them shorter or more detailed. You can also adjust the tone of your email and make it more friendly or professional.

Adjust length or tone


During this Beta period, we would love to hear your feedback! Get in touch or let us know what you think using the emoji buttons in the popup at the bottom of the email.

Feedback buttons

Your feedback will help us refine the AI results.

Enjoy your AI assistant!

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