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Mixmax Add-in for Outlook
Outlook integration troubleshooting tips
Outlook integration troubleshooting tips

This article provides solutions to common issues you might encounter after installing the Mixmax Add-in for Outlook.

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The new Mixmax Add-in for Microsoft Outlook allows Outlook-based teams to boost productivity and increase sales engagement with Mixmax. If you encounter any issues after installing the Outlook Add-in, the troubleshooting tips below will help you resolve them.

Admin consent in Microsoft 365 required to sign up for Mixmax

When you open the Mixmax web app for the first time and attempt to authenticate using your Microsoft credentials, you will be prompted to allow Mixmax permission to work with your Microsoft account. If your company requires admin consent, you will have to ask your Microsoft Workspace Admin or IT administrator to approve authentication requests to Mixmax for your organization. If admin consent is not provided to Mixmax, you will not be able to connect your mailbox or calendar to your Mixmax account.

Check this Microsoft help article for more information on the groups' approval workflow.

I'm not sure if my Outlook version is supported

At the moment, the following platforms are supported:

  • Outlook Web ( on the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Outlook Modern for Windows: Version 2206 or higher.

If you're unsure what platform you have, check your version of Outlook.

My "Send with Mixmax" button is disabled in my add-in

If you open the Mixmax side panel in your Outlook email draft and see the Send with Mixmax button greyed out, try the following:

To add the email recipient in the To field, simply start to type the email address or type a comma, wait until the autocomplete populates the address or the Use this address option below, and then press Enter, Tab, or click the address:

Email address

After you complete adding a recipient, Outlook will inform the Mixmax add-in that an address has been entered, and the Send with Mixmax button will become active.

Auto-BCC is not working for all of my emails being sent

For Outlook-based users, auto-BCC currently only works in sequences but not for emails manually sent from the inbox using the Mixmax Add-In.

Email signatures

Currently, importing signatures is not supported for Outlook-based users, so you can't import Outlook signatures into Mixmax.

Emails sent from the web app (e.g., via sequences) will use the signature configured in Settings > Signatures. Emails sent from the Outlook inbox will use the Outlook signatures.

I can’t install/see add-ins in Outlook for Windows

If the Add-ins () icon does not appear in your email ribbon, you may need to enable Outlook to include add-ins. To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings (in the upper right corner of Outlook).

Outlook settings

2. Select General > Privacy and Data > Privacy Settings and toggle the switch to enable the Turn on optional connected experiences option.

Optional connected experiences

Why do I see more than one Mixmax icon in my Outlook Add-ins?

This is likely due to dual installations—one by your Microsoft 365 administrator and one on the individual level. We recommend removing the individual add-in and having the Microsoft 365 admin install it.

When I sign into the Outlook Add-in, why do I see the Mixmax app in a small window?

Please make sure you are not using a Chrome Incognito tab.

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